ISSUE: AEU Safety and Claims Forum

Safety Forum May 2014The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. (AEU) conducted its latest Safety & Claims Forum in St. Louis on May 7th and 8th, 2014. Following each previous semi-annual Forum I’ve devoted space here to discussions of the events. These Forums provide important opportunities for education and professional growth for ALMA Members.

The growth trend continued for the AEU Forum, and this latest event was the best attended yet, with over 100 participants, comprised of ALMA Members, their brokers, and invitees.

The Keynote Speaker was Joseph White with Dupont Sustainable Solutions. His presentation was entitled, “Reaching the Heart: The Art & Science of Persuasion”. It reviewed cognitive and affective intellect as they relate to injury avoidance, rewards and anticipated outcomes.

The closing speaker was Julio Malera. His presentation was entitled, “It Only Takes Everything You’ve Got”. He discussed how to develop and practice the skills needed to fully develop potential.

In between Mr. White’s and Mr. Malera’s presentations, this Forum featured presentations to the entire group as well as a large number of breakout sessions, offering more than enough for everyone. Here is simply a list of the subjects covered.

Effective Environmental Inspections

“Beat The Drum: Leadership’s Role in Building a Safety Culture”, discussing the roles of leading versus managing, how to avoid unintentional consequences and build and continually reinforce the safety culture that you want.

Training and Developing Your Safety Professionals

Machine Guarding: Point of Operations Guards

Claims – ADA Accommodations vs. Permanent Light Duty presented by attorney Robert Nienhuis

Incentive Programs

Marine Chemist: Effective Closed Space Safety Program

Jones Act Versus Longshore Act: The Uncertainty Zone

Completing the LS-202, Employer’s First Report of Injury

Communications Between the Employer and the AEU Claims Specialist

Q & A Claims Panel Discussion

Marine Cargo Handling and Health Breakout Agenda

Crane and Gear Certifications

New Safety Related Ideas & Technology

Members Helping Members

OSHA Website Resources for Marine Cargo Handling

Becoming SHARP Certified

Marine Cargo Handling Lessons Learned and Solutions

Shipyard Safety and Health Breakout Agenda

Electronic Inspections

Fire Safety Plans

Revisit Past Safety Solutions

Lessons Learned: Sharing Ideas for Improvement

Speakers were comprised of industry experts, ALMA Members offering their own actual experience, and AEU subject matter experts. If all of this seems like an extraordinarily comprehensive and ambitious program, you’re right, it was. And judging from the unanimous feedback, it was an extraordinary success.

The next AEU Safety and Claims Forum will be held in Baltimore in October 2014.

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