Another Successful AEU Safety Committee Meeting


Submitted by:  Jimmy Burgin, Senior VP and Director of Loss Control for AEU

The AEU Safety Committee held its thirteenth meeting April 6 – 7, 2011 at the Charleston Historic District Embassy Suites in Charleston, South Carolina.  It was chaired by Mr. Steve Morris, AEU Senior Loss Control Manager.  The meeting was the most well attended of any AEU Safety Committee meeting, which is an indication of how valuable the Committee is to ALMA members.   

The Committee is working on a strain injury prevention safety guidance document for ALMA members.  The Committee reviewed a draft of the document and offered practical tip on prevention of strain injuries in their operations.   Next, Raphael Barrera with Esco Marine and Darren Warren with ICS Logistics provided updates of successful safety programs in place at their companies. 

The Longshore claims section focused on multi-employer worksites.  The discussion was presented in a live skit written by AEU Senior Vice President, Jack Martone.  The skit highlighted steps employers should take to guard against Longshore claims from employees of sub-contractors working at their facility.   

Roy Martin from Jeffboat and Mona Dixon from VT Halter Marine reported on recent OSHA inspections at their shipyards.  Both speakers shared information learned from their experience with the OSHA inspection process.

Elizabeth Luzuriaga and Kevin Mims from the law firm Luzuriaga Mims, LLP discussed occupational exposure claims and how safety professionals in marine cargo handling firms and shipyards can minimize risk. 

 The Shipyard and Marine Cargo Handling Sub-committees met the remainder of the afternoon.  Both had productive break-out sessions.


  • Shipyard Tool Box Safety Meetings
  • Shipyard Small Business Plan
  • Safe Ship Fitting Practices
  • OSHA Inspections in Shipyards
  • Bridging Documents between Shipyard Labor Providers and the Primary Shipyard Contractor


  • Gangway Talks for Marine Cargo Handling
  • OSHA Inspections in Marine Cargo Handling
  • Job Observation Forms for Stevedoring
  • Forklift and Yard Tractor Inspection Program
  • Stevedoring Safety Scoring System
  • AEU Terminal Traffic Safety Program

To conclude the meeting, Chairman Morris thanked everyone for participating and reminded the committee to submit ideas for the next AEU Safety Committee Meeting.  We look forward to the next committee meeting, which will be held October 11 – 12, 2011 in Mobile, Alabama.