NMSA Recognizes AEU for Safety Expertise







The National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA) Annual Meeting was held last week in New Orleans at the Windsor Court Hotel June 23-25, 2010.  AEU is honored to have had our Senior Vice President and Director of Loss Control, Jimmy Burgin, moderate a panel discussion on Safety and the Next Generation: Shipyards v. Marine Cargo Handling at the meeting.  The panel included John Belcher, Regional Director of Loss Control with Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring, Matt Mayon, Director of Safety with Conrad Industries and Steve Morris, Senior Loss Control Manager with AEU.

Jimmy Burgin has more than 20 years’ experience in maritime loss control.  He has served on the National Maritime Safety Association’s Technical Committee for fourteen years and six of those years served as Chairman of NMSA’s Technical Committee.   NMSA named Burgin the 2007 Man of the Year on March 28, 2008, recognizing him for his dedication in achieving safety in the marine cargo handling industry.

The National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA) represents the marine cargo handling industry in the United States in safety and health matters arising under various statutes, including the Occupational and Safety Health Act.

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